I received a few questions about the Minnesota Wild through Twitter, Facebook and email. I will answer those questions in this article.

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What do you think of Mike Yeo’s decision to partner Ryan Suter with Jared Spurgeonto begin training camp? Also, why do you think he made that decision already?

I was a little surprised to hear that Suter was going to be paired with Spurgeon in training camp instead of Tom Gilbert or Marco Scandella.

However, the Wild coaching staff loves Spurgeon. So naturally, they are going to put who they feel are the best two defensemen together.

I don’t think they can go wrong either way.

The first two pairings will be Suter with Spurgeon and Gilbert with Scandella. They are a good mixture of talents in each group. Suter and Scandella are stronger defenders with offensive upside and Gilbert and Spurgeon are stronger offensive defensemen that can handle themselves defensively.

As for announcing that now, why not?

There is no reason to hold that back. There is no strategic advantage to it.

How far can the Wild go this season? Should a deep playoff run be expected?

That depends on if there is a season. I will get into that more in the next question.

If there is a 2012-13 season, the Wild should go deep into the playoffs.

The Wild should expect to get at least to the second round of the playoffs. The Stanley Cup and Western Conference finals are definite possibilities.

What do you think the chances are that the NHL season starts on time? Is it only going to be about money?

50-50 and yes.

It is always about money.

The two issues that I think will be the deciding factors will be the definition of hockey related revenue (HRR) and service time before unrestricted free agency.

The owners want to redefine the HRR which would result in a substantial decrease in the percentage players will make.

Currently, the players reach unrestricted free agency in the prime of their career (25 or 26 years old). The NHL wants to push that back to 10 years as a pro, which means the earliest the players reach unrestricted free agency is 28. But, most players won’t reach that point until they are 30 or 31.

Who do you think is going to lead the Wild in scoring this season?

Goals Dany Heatley. Assists Mikko Koivu. Points Koivu.