The Minnesota Wild loosened  its logjam on the blue line when it traded Brent Burns and a 2012 second round draft pick to the San Jose Sharks for Devin Setoguchi, Charlie Coyle and the 28th overall pick in the 2011 NHL Entry  Draft.

Burns is a well-liked player in St. Paul, but he hurt the Wild more than he  helped.

The Wild traded him for a few reasons. They could get a good ransom for  him. He is unconsistent and tried to do too much. He often jumped into the  offensive play and left his defensive partner and goaltender out to dry. He will  be free agent eligible next season and will command a big contract.

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Setoguchi is the big piece for the Wild. The 6-foot,  200-pound 24-year-old is a proven goal scorer (73 goals over the last  three seasons).

Coyle is a good prospect currently playing for Boston University. The  6-foot-2-inch, 205-pound Massachusetts native is a power forward type of player.  The 2010 first round draft pick scored 20 goals and had 28 assists in 26 games  at Thayer Academy High School in 2008-09. Last season, he had seven goals and 19  assists for 26 points (good for fourth on the Terriers) in 37 games as  a freshman.